About Us

The Artist

Artisans Jewelry Shoppe is a modern shop representing six generations of European craftsmanship. Born in Belgium, the owner, Philippe Dewailly, trained under the best of the Continental masters. His mother, grandfather, and their ancestors began making jewelry before the turn of the 19th century.

Philippe apprenticed under the Crown jeweler to King Baudoin I of Belgium. He has helped fabricate jewelry for royalty, and he carries on the tradition, making regular visits back to Europe to compare new ideas and techniques. As a member of the Austin jewelry community for over 25 years, Philippe views craftsmanship as the essential ingredient of fine jewelry.

Shop online or come by our shop visit the modern world meeting the old. You can choose from one of his existing pieces or he can use his talents will blend your ideas into a new piece that is uniquely yours. He can also rework an existing piece that you already have.

Member: Association of Professional Jewelers

Diploma: Associate Degree of Applied Science in Jewelry

Certificates: GIA Diamond Grading, GIA Colored Stone Grading, JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Adjoint Professor for the Jewelry Manufacturing Department at Austin Community College.